Introducing Navigate


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The Platform Powering the Next Generation Data Ecosystem

Every day, each of us contributes to the data trails that power today’s cloud services. But the only ones who profit from the data you create are large companies that collect, hoard and sell it. This paradigm has not only monopolized a critical resource, it has brought app innovation to a standstill. At Navigate, we believe this disparity needs to end.
Our platform rewards users for sharing data developers need. We are crowdsourcing next generation datasets to fuel a new wave of applications. Whether it is an advanced climate change model, a distributed global radar, or even a new, community-owned map application – Navigate will be the launchpad for the data-driven products of the future.
The Navigate platform is composed of two distinct layers:
Navigate Marketplace: Data vaults for crowdsourcing large, high-quality data sets
Navigate Dapps: Decentralized applications powered by the data contributed to Navigate