Building The World's Largest Decentralized Intelligence Platform

What is Navigate?

The future of AI hinges on two simple variables: compute and data. But there's a problem. We are rapidly exhausting our stockpile of publicly available training data, and we do not have a reliable and equitable way of sourcing this data from scratch.

Navigate is solving this problem by gamifying and decentralizing the collection of training data.

What problem does Navigate solve?

In the world of AI, data is everything. Scaling laws suggest that models will continue to improve as compute and data increase in tandem. Yet, we stand at the brink of a new challenge. By 2026, the reservoir of accessible, top-tier text data is projected to run dry. The race for data has never been more critical. As conventional sources dwindle and media platforms lock down their assets, the quest for fresh, quality data leads many to centralized digital labor platforms. But these platforms face intransigent challenges: from data quality issues to concerns about working conditions and reliability.

It's time for a shift—a move towards a more sustainable, ethical, and efficient data-sourcing strategy that powers the new era of AI innovation.

How does Navigate solve this problem?

Tackling these challenges requires a radically new platform. A platform that is owned, powered, and governed by its community. One that can frictionlessly coordinate the actions of millions of individuals through programmable incentives. And a platform that transforms data collection into a fun, engaging, and global phenomenon.

To execute on this vision, we will be releasing a mobile and desktop application that gamifies the collection of data by rewarding users for actively contributing high-value training data through quests and passively contributing data streams through connections.

What type of data does Navigate collect?

The Navigate platform is a marketplace that allows AI organizations to acquire community-sourced datasets and post requests for new data. For example, organizations could request preference data (for RLHF, DPO, KTO, etc.), image annotations, text classifications, audio transcriptions, and many other pre- and post-training datasets.

Who buys the data?

Requests for data will be posted by AI organizations who are building cutting edge LLMs, computer vision models, AI-enabled search products, autonomous vehicles and robotics. There are also significant opportunities for our community to contribute to other large industries with pressing data problems (i.e., advertisers, consumer intelligence companies, etc.).

What will I earn?

Navigators earn points for each and every contribution to the platform. Points will play a big role in the Navigate ecosystem, so stay tuned!

How does Navigate handle data privacy?

We are building Navigate with a privacy-first mentality. Whether you are sharing personal insights, capturing imagery, or recording audio – all data will be anonymized and encrypted according to data security best practices.

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