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Aerial Data Vault

Users can contribute to the Navigate Maps Aerial Data Vault - the first Navigate Data Vault - by uploading drone imagery through our Data Upload web application. Uploaded imagery will then be ingested into the Navigate Maps pipeline where it will be cleaned, processed and mosaicked with other imagery to provide a high-resolution map of the world!
Before you upload any aerial imagery, be sure to take a look at our general guidelines to ensure that flights are executed safely and that high-quality imagery is captured.

General Mapping Guidelines

Flying during daytime and ideally on an overcast day is recommended. This will help reduce blurriness, shadows, and glare from reflected light.
Flying at higher altitudes (90m-120m above ground level) is recommended as it allows more features to be captured in each image.
Capturing imagery when the drone is still or at low velocity can reduce the effects of motion blur.
Using a camera with a faster shutter speed is another approach to mitigating these effects.
Flying with a nadir camera (directly downward facing) is recommended. This will ensure that only the area of interest below the drone is captured, excluding any features further away.
GPS information (latitude, longitude, timestamp) must be included in the images' EXIF metadata. Images must be geotagged in order to be processed by the Navigate Maps pipeline.
A minimum Image resolution of 4 megapixels (2560x1440) is recommended for all uploaded imagery
Capture images frequently to ensure that the same features on the ground are included in multiple images. This helps improve the quality of the generated map. ****The figure below demonstrates a possible flight pattern that can be flown to ensure a rectangular area is fully mapped out.
Example Flight Plan with a Sweep Pattern
Be sure to follow local and national regulatory restrictions when flying.

Aerial Data Upload Requirements

  • Images should be overhead with the camera pointed 90° downward. Only images are accepted, not video footage at this time.
  • Images should be high-resolution .jpg or .png files
  • Data should be well lit and colored, no black and white images will be
  • 4000 x 2250 (or higher) pixel dimensions are recommended. There is a 20MB max for each image uploaded and a 5GB max for each collection
  • Only upload data and content you own the rights to!