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Data Privacy

Uploading data to Navigate shouldn't come at the lack of privacy. We apply AI to all crowdsourced imagery to ensure sensitive data points are blurred and privacy is protected. Learn more about this below!
How does Navigate ensure that my personal information is securely stored and transferred?
Navigate stores all personal information in an encrypted manner and does not transfer this data to anyone.
How does Navigate ensure that the data on the platform is not used for illegal activity?
Similarly to any other technology platform, we acknowledge that some individuals may wish to use the data uploaded to Navigate for unethical or illegal purposes. At Navigate, we have a team of security experts working to ensure that this risk is as minimal as possible.
Navigate will have visual data through images and videos uploaded to the platform. How does it protect the privacy of individuals and property in these pieces of footage?
In all visual footage uploaded to the Navigate platform, sensitive data points, such as license plates and faces, will be blurred to the point where they are no longer identifiable in order to protect the privacy of individuals and property.
Different jurisdictions have different rules around public recordings and mapping technology. Does Navigate comply with all of these rules?
Yes, Navigate will comply with all applicable regulations and legal requirements surrounding the gathering and use of data from its community. In order for contributors to utilize the platform, users will need to agree to Navigate’s Terms of Use.
How do I delete my account or remove my imagery from Navigate Maps?
You can delete your account, uploads, or both by submitting a request to [email protected]. Please note that while we can remove your profile and/or data from the Navigate platform, we have no control over wallets (e.g., Sequence, Metamask, etc.) created through third parties.