How To Create A Navigate Account

Visit The Contributor Portal To Get Started

To get started on Navigate, visit the main Navigate Maps contributor portal at From there, press “Sign Up” in the upper right hand corner to create a new account.
Insert the email address you would like to attribute to your Navigate account, select your country of residence, accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, and press "Continue"! You will need to verify this email address to redeem rewards, so be sure to insert an email you check often!
Please note, that Navigate is currently unable to offer our services to individuals in countries not listed in the drop-down list.

Select Where You Will Store Your Rewards

Now we just need somewhere to send your tokens and the future rewards you will earn as you contribute to Navigate Maps. Since NVG8 is an ERC-20 digital token, it needs to be sent to and stored in a digital wallet.

Already Have A Wallet?

Connect With MetaMask

If you already have a wallet, you can connect through MetaMask. In order to access your wallet on the Navigate platform, the MetaMask extension should be installed on your browser.
If you don’t have the application installed, visit the link below for instructions on how to download it and create an account:
TIP: This extension is not supported by Safari

Switch To Polygon or Arbitrum Networks

Once MetaMask is installed and you are logged in to your account, make sure you are active on the Polygon Network or Arbitrum One Network.
You can add the Polygon Network by clicking on ‘Add Network’ in the MetaMask extension dropdown menu. If you have not used the Polygon Network on your MetaMask account before, visit the link below for information on the network and how to add it to your account:
Follow the same process to add the Arbitrum Network. If you have have not used Arbtirum on your MetaMask account before, visit the link below for information on the network and how to add it to your account:

Connect Your Wallet And Start Uploading

Now that you have your MetaMask account active and have it set to the Polygon or Arbitrum One network, you are ready to connect to the Navigate Platform!
Just press Connect With Metamask on the screen above and voilà, you have created a new Navigate account!

Don’t Have A Wallet? Let’s Create One

Creating A Wallet

If you don’t have a wallet, no problem! We’ve got you covered.
When you sign up for a Navigate account, we can help create a wallet for you in just a few clicks with a third-party wallet provider, Sequence. Here’s how:

Create A New Sequence Wallet

To get started, click “Create A Wallet With Sequence”.
From there, you should see a Sequence form that pops up with the email you recently provided. Press “Continue” to generate your new, unique wallet.
Once you continue, you should receive an email from Sequence ([email protected]) with a verification link. In that email, click “Sign in to Sequence”. From there, you will be redirected to a verification page that prompts you to fill out a confirmation code, like the image below.
To confirm your email, insert the code that is showing on the previous pop up. If the code is correct, you should be all logged in and good to return back to the Navigate contributor portal, and will be directed to your dashboard! Voilà, you have created a new Navigate account and wallet!
TIP: Be sure to check out our documentation on wallets to learn more about how your rewards are stored, and how to access your Sequence account.

What’s Next After Connecting A Wallet?

Once your Wallet is connected, you will be navigated to your dashboard. This dashboard is specific to your unique Navigate account and wallet address!
Now you can start uploading and earning more NVG8.
Learn more about how to contribute and upload data here.

Update Your Profile

You can visit the profile page at any time to add a username and profile image. This step is totally optional, and will make your account more personalized to you!

Logging Out

If you want to log out of the Navigate data upload web application, just simply disconnect your wallet. When you are ready to start contributing again, just follow the prompts to log back in with either your MetaMask wallet or the Sequence wallet you just created!

Still Have A Question?

Visit our documentation to learn more about how rewards are stored in MetaMask or Sequence wallets and why contributors need a digital wallet to utilize the Navigate Platform.
You can also learn more about the NVG8 tokens and rewards in our Tokenomics page.
If these docs don’t answer, you can always reach out to us at [email protected]!