Getting Started

Data runs the world. Stop giving it away for free and start earning from it.

In the world of AI, data is everything. Our mission is to decentralize and gamify the collection of high-quality training data that AI needs to accelerate forward, rewarding contributors in return. Alongside our fellow Navigators, we are building a platform that has a more sustainable, ethical, and efficient data-sourcing approach to powering the new era of AI innovation.

If you aren’t a part of the Navigate community, get started by joining our Discord and creating an account!

Steps to Get Started with Navigate

Create An Account

Navigate is accelerating the development of AI by gamifying the collection of training data. To get started with the alpha:

  1. Create a dashboard in Social Surfer by visiting

  2. Sign in by connecting your X account

  3. Then connect your Discord and Farcaster accounts

  4. Hop in the Discord server or navigate to your Farcaster and play alongside community members (you can play the daily quests on either platform and earn!)

  5. View all of your stats in the Social Surfer dashboard

  6. Refer your friends and earn point commissions

  7. Be sure to follow us on X and Farcaster to stay up to do with the latest news and announcements on how to earn!

For more information on what points mean and what we are building, visit our FAQ!

How to Play

Creating new datasets for AI shouldn’t be boring. At Navigate, we gamify data-collection so our community co-creates high-quality datasets while playing. #PlayToBuild if you will...

Ready to start playing? Once you have created a Social Surfer account and connected your social accounts, it’s go time!

Below is a breakdown on how you play, your rewards, and all the ways to earn.

Ways to Earn

Navigators earn points for each and every contribution to the platform. Points signal your contributions to the Navigate community and will play a very important role in the future. Stay tuned!

You earn Navigate points by:

  1. Connecting with us

To get started with Social Surfer, connect your X, Discord, and Farcaster accounts and earn points for each connection!

Connect & Follow Twitter: 150

Connect Discord: 100

Connect Farcaster: 150

  1. Engaging with Navigate’s featured X post

In any channel in Discord, enter "/featured-post" to see our featured X post. Engage with that post (like, reply, repost, or quote post) to earn extra points!

Points will be distributed based on your engagement with this Featured Post:

Likes: 20

Replies: 40

Reposts: 50

Quote Posts: 60

If you quote our featured post, you will not only earn 60 points out of the gate, but you will also earn bonus points based on the engagement you get on your quote post. The points will be distributed based on the following engagement metrics:

Likes: 10

Replies: 20

Reposts: 25

Quotes: 30

  1. Labeling the daily post

In any channel in Discord, enter "/label-post" to classify (or label) an X post and earn. This will also be how you build a streak multiplier for even more earnings.

Label Post: 200

  1. Competing in the weekly Data Arena

Each week, three teams compete in a data labeling competition for a chance to win the weekly prize pool. We call this Data Arena, and you can play in either Discord or Farcaster — or both — to get extra points for the week!

There is no cap on how many datasets you can label in a day, so label away and climb that leaderboard Navigators! If your team wins for the week, you will see points from the prize pool in your dashboard.

How to Play in Discord

Simply head to the #data-arena channel in Discord and enter "/teams" to join a team and start labeling the datasets.

How to Play in Farcaster

Head to the Navigate Farcaster account (@navigate), click on the Navigate Data Arena Frame and start labeling the datasets.

If you connect both your Discord and Farcaster account, you can play on either platform – or both in the same week. All of your points earned – no matter which platform you use to play – will be reflected in your Social Surfer dashboard.

At the end of each week, the teams will reset and you can join a new team to participate in the weekly Data Arena competition.

  1. Referring friends

Every time you refer a new user you earn points, a multiplier, a commission on the points your referral earns and a commission on the points their referrals earn. Go refer friends to climb the leaderboard and earn more!

Each Referral: 1,000

Multiplier: This multiplier starts at 1.18 and increases by 0.18 with every new referral (max multiplier of 10x). An important note: if you don’t refer someone new after seven days, your multiplier will disappear. You must refer at least one new user each week to keep your multiplier.

Commissions: Earn 20% of your referral’s earnings and 10% of their referral’s earnings. The more your referrals earn, the more you earn.

  1. Multipliers

Multipliers stack together to supercharge your earnings. You can earn multipliers by consistently labeling the daily post (earning a streak), referring users, joining the Discord early, and being affiliated with our partner communities. Follow us on X to learn more about new multipliers!

Get Assistance:

  1. If you have any questions, feel free to drop them in #ask-a-question in our Discord server

  2. If you're running into any bugs, don't hesitate to create a ticket in #open-ticket in Discord

  3. For a breakdown on how many points you earn for each contribution, click “How to Play” in your Social Surfer dashboard

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