Why the World Needs Navigate

Navigate's Value Proposition
With public blockchains, we can now—for the first time—mint data onto crypto rails. We can transform it into a financial asset, where it can be priced, exchanged, and used seamlessly. This is a seismic shift that has unlocked a new decentralized data economy. It gives you, me, and everyone a new way to earn, and a new way to contribute to groundbreaking technology and the projects they believe in.
But before all of this can happen, we need an efficient platform like Navigate, to facilitate exchange. While blockchain technology has unlocked a new asset class, right now, the world has limited tools to leverage these assets efficiently. In short, we need new infrastructure to support the emerging data ecosystem.

There are limited ways to monetize data securely and intuitively – restricting innovation and stifling progress

Businesses, communities, and people within and beyond the Web3 world are hungry for data, but they lack reliable places to find, price, and access assets. On the opposite side of this equation (i.e., the “supply side”), individuals and businesses also struggle to find channels to monetize data they want to share.
So, what’s the problem? Why has the market failed to produce a reliable solution? It largely comes down to four variables: privacy, pricing, control and choice. Data providers and consumers want to: (1) comply with data privacy laws, (2) identify a fair price, (3) allow creators to maintain a degree of control over their data and (4) enable consumer choice. But applications today either fail to meet these criteria or meet it with a burdensome user experience.
Navigate aims to resolve these issues by aligning the incentives of data providers and consumers.