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How to Use the Marketplace

Logging In

In order to utilize the Navigate Marketplace, you need to be a Navigate contributor! This means that you have a Navigate account and have uploaded street-level or aerial imagery to Navigate Maps (because that is how you earn all of those Navigate rewards). If you are not yet a contributor and want to learn more about uploading data to Navigate Maps, visit our Getting Started guides to beginning earning today!
Once you have contributed data to Navigate Maps, and have earned Navigate points for your uploads, visit the Navigate Marketplace homepage. In the top right corner of the Marketplace, you’ll find the login button.
Note: You can visit to check your account balance at any time!

Picking a Gift Card

Once logged in, gift cards will be filtered based on the country you selected during sign up (this should be your country of residence). If, for example, you reside in Spain, you’ll see gift cards denominated in Euros and available in Spain. On this page, you can browse through various brands to find the perfect gift card.
When you’re ready to checkout, just click on a card, select the card value, review the redemption instructions, and click “Redeem”.
Today, we have gift cards available across 200 countries and 80 currencies. We plan to expand our coverage through new partnerships and product offerings, so if you don’t see your country listed, don’t worry! We are on it.

Redeeming Your Gift Card

Once you’ve completed your transaction, a confirmation email will be sent to the address you entered while checking out. It’s worth noting that each gift card has an expiration date determined by the brand. But the clock doesn’t start until you activate the gift card by clicking “Activate” in the confirmation email. Upon clicking activate, you will see your gift card code open in a separate tab.

Seeking Support

If at any point, you run into an issue, please contact our support team either by sending us email at [email protected] or by creating a ticket in our Discord, which you can find here. To create a ticket, navigate down to the Ticket Support channel and submit your question.