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Rewarding the world's explorers
Contributors are the heart and soul of the Navigate ecosystem. By mapping the places they explore everyday, together, Navigate contributors create a shared view of the world that helps us all make smarter decisions. Given their significance to the Navigate ecosystem, it’s critical that they not only earn rewards, but that those rewards offer meaningful utility. As a result, we’ve developed the Navigate Marketplace: a digital storefront where contributors can redeem gift cards from 500+ of their favorite brands with their hard-earned rewards.
The Marketplace is a product that will continue to expand its offering to users across the Navigate ecosystem, and it is designed around three core principles:
  1. 1.
    Utility: We want Navigate to open the door to exciting new opportunities. The Navigate Marketplace is our first big step in this direction. With this new product, users can easily redeem gift cards across hundreds of global brands. Going forward, we plan to build on this foundation, so contributors can redeem additional products, services, and experiences with their Navigate rewards. Gift cards are just the first step!
  2. 2.
    Simplicity: Utility shouldn’t come at the expense of simplicity. We know that digital assets can at times be complex, which is why we’ve built a Marketplace that allows users to move frictionlessly between Web2 to Web3.
  3. 3.
    Sustainability: The Marketplace serves as a long-term source of utility for the Navigate community. Following the project's public token listing (which will be held on a later date), transaction fees on gift card redemptions will be used to continually fund the NVG8 token contributor reward pool – helping create a fully sustainable ecosystem.
As the Navigate project continues to grow, NVG8 tokens will be the gateway to many more programs within the Navigate ecosystem, providing utility for contributors in multiple ways!