Navigate Maps
What is Navigate Maps?
Navigate Maps will be a new type of map application that crowdsources high-quality imagery from its community to create an immersive, constantly-refreshing view of the world. Navigate Maps will be the first ever dapp on the Navigate platform, created by the Navigate team.
Can I contribute to Navigate Maps?
Yes! Navigate Maps will provide users with the opportunity to earn rewards by contributing data they both passively and actively collect, such as drone or dashcam imagery. To contribute data to Navigate Maps, visit
What makes Navigate Maps different from traditional mapping and satellite applications?
By leveraging contributors’ data, Navigate Maps offers data sets that go far beyond those provided by mapping vendors today, giving users access to ultra-high-definition imagery that is constantly updated and surpassing traditional satellite-based map offerings on the web. Next generation data will unlock so many exciting, new insights that haven’t yet been possible in a map application!
For instance, imagine being able to look at a map and see details you haven’t been able to see before, such as the number of cars in line at a drive through at 10:00 am last Saturday, or the number of solar panels installed in a neighborhood, or the progress on a construction project many states away that you are interested in, or trending areas in a city you are planning to visit soon. High resolution, low altitude data truly opens the door to endless innovation and exciting user experiences.
Over time, Navigate will continue to introduce and roll out new features to enhance the value of Navigate Maps.
What is a sample use case for Navigate Maps?
Imagine you needed to survey a plot of land before moving forward with construction. Several features of the land have caused you concern regarding the project’s safety. You would usually go to traditional mapping applications to view the property from a bird’s eye view, but instead turn to Navigate Maps for imagery of the land. This gives you access to more recent, higher-resolution data on the land’s condition rather than otherwise out of date imagery that shows old barn structures that are no longer there. The inclusion of this imagery provided by Navigate maps allows you to make educated judgments on the land’s readiness to begin construction.
What cities will be the first to launch on Navigate Maps and when will be viewable to users?
We anticipate the alpha version of Navigate Maps will be in Q3 2022, at which point early contributors will have access to the initial build of Navigate Maps and will be able to provide feedback on the app. After the alpha launch, Navigate will make further announcements about updates to Navigate Maps and the beta release.
How long will it take for data uploaded to the alpha version of Navigate Maps to be viewable?
Once the data uploaded during the alpha period of Navigate Maps will take about 48 - 72 hours to be viewable in the dapp.
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